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Love Slowly Kills II - oil painting by borda

A good critique is the one which is constructive... and which includes good and bad sides of a piece of art...
This time however, I am unable to write such a note, which would include my piece of advice for the author.

Your daviation is a 'masterpiece' :heart:
As I've noticed this picture, I felt an arrow painfully piercing through my heart. Because of this feeling, I've decided to go deeper...
I am amazed by the way you combined a red rose, the symbol of love with a human heart. The veins visible inside the petals...and these fading ones which look like broken, damaged hearts.
This made me speechless...
The arrow that is in fact a fountain pen, which wrote so many beautiful words and now the memory of them is like poison, taking away the life from a soul which is unable to defend herself anymore...

You are a true emotional person.
You've shown this state most of us were, have been, are... or will be in. Love is something which every human desires and wants. This sweet poison that takes us higher than the sky and then suddenly pulls us down into the hell of sorrow and unbearable pain..

I fully agree with the title of your work. Love kills us very slowly and, sadly, we do not resist.
We do not, because we are aware that no other feeling is so warm and this world we live now, it's a danger. We become vulnerable, expose ourselves to people who are going to take advantage of our 'loving heart' and hurt us, sooner or later...

True lovers just chose their fate, to live feeling intensive emotions and joy of life and then pay the price for it and suffer...

Even though, I believe that this fate is better than being like a 'living maschine' with no feelings or desires... can such egzistence be called 'life' anyway?
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